There are many reasons that your keys could be playing different notes from you are playing, and there is nothing wrong with your speakers, your USB connection or your DAW. The controller has internally been transposed, and we just need to do a fast reset to get it back to normal.

To achieve this, plug in your controller so it has power and simply activate the advanced function and press the third C# from the left. This will activate the reset function on the keys and put those advanced functions back to normal. From there, you'll need to press the Enter key to confirm your reset, which will be the 5th D from the left on the larger models (61 and 88 keys) and the last C on the right on the 49 key models. 

One last note on this- this will reset your Midi Channel, reset the Midi output primarily to the USB and the MSB/LSB values, so if you have those customized you may find yourself needing to re-enter those values/settings.

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