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Ableton Live Lite will be made available in your M-Audio account after registering the unit. To register the Oxygen Pro:

1. Go to M-Audio.com.

2. Hover over the Account tab at the top right and select Sign In.

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Note: If you are a new customer, select Create Account first and fill in the necessary information. When you're ready, click Create Account.

3. Enter your email address and password. Click Sign In.

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4. Your account dashboard will appear. Click on Register Product.

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5. Select your Oxygen Pro model from the Product field's drop-down menu.

6. Next, enter the Oxygen Pro's serial number exactly as it appears on the bottom of the unit. The serial number will be located on a barcode sticker and starts with a (21). Be sure to include the (21) when entering the serial number!

7. Enter the date of purchase in the final field.

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8. When you're done, click Register My Product.

9. Your Oxygen Pro will be added to the My Products page with download links for all of your included software. You can access this page at any time from your main account page.

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Downloading, and Installing the M-Audio Software Manager


After registering your Oxygen Pro, the Software Manager will be made available for download in your M-Audio account. This program is a uni-installer that contains the installer for Ableton and all other included software.


1. Sign in to your M-Audio account and click on My Products. Locate the M-Audio Software Manager section and download the installer for your operating system.

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2. After the download completes, double-click on the M-Audio Software Manager setup application in your computer's Download folder.

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3. The Software Manager will automatically begin to download the latest update. After the installer completes, the Software Manager will prompt you to continue. Click Let's Go!

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4. Connect the Oxygen Pro to your computer with the included USB cable. Click Next.

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5. The Software Manager will show you all Instruments, Apps, and Sample Packs that are available for download to your computer. Click the respective icon to load it to the installer queue. Click Next after confirming your selections.

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Note: If you'd like to know more about a specific software, click the Information button for features and details!


6. Click Finish.


7. The Software Manager will begin to automatically download the selected software and display the installers on one easy-to-access page.

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The M-Audio Software Manager will be saved as an application in your computer's Application or Programs folder. Just open the Software Manager to access your software and installers at any time!


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Installing Ableton Live Lite


You can access the Ableton installer through the M-Audio Software Manager. To access the installer:


1. Open the Software Manager from your Application or Program folder.


2. Click on the Software tab to view all your installers.

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3. Find the Ableton under Apps and click the Get button to the right.

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4. Your web browser will automatically link to the download page for Live 10 Lite. Click the Download button for your operating system.

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 5. Navigate to your computer's download folder and click on the Ableton setup application.

User-added imageNote: If you are using a PC, be sure to Extract the installer before running it. To do this, simply right-click on the installer and select Extract All.

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

User-added imageUser-added imageNow that you have successfully installed Ableton, let's launch the application and authorize your software.

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Authorizing Ableton Live Lite


Before setting up your Oxygen Pro with Ableton, let's take a moment to authorize your software.

1. Launch the Ableton application from your computer's Program or Application folder.

2. The software will automatically prompt you to license the program. Click Authorize with ableton.com to proceed.

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3. You will be directed to Ableton's account page. If you are a new user, fill in the necessary information under the Register field to create an account. Otherwise, enter your account credentials and sign in.

User-added image4. Once signed into your account, click on Register a product.

User-added image5. Keep Ableton's registration page open and navigate to M-audio.com on a separate tab in your browser.

6. Sign in to your M-Audio account and click on My Products.

User-added image7. Listed under Oxygen Pro, you will see your Ableton Live Lite authorization code. Copy this code and return to Ableton's registration page.User-added image8. Paste the code in the provided field and click Submit.

User-added image9. The License will be added to your Ableton account and can now be activated for use on your computer.User-added image

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Configuring your Oxygen Pro in Ableton

Now that you have installed Ableton, let's setup your Oxygen Pro with the software!


1. First, connect the Oxygen Pro to your computer with the provided USB cable.

2. Press and hold the DAW button (#5) on your Oxygen Pro keyboard.

Note: On the Oxygen Pro Mini, and Oxygen Pro 25, press the Preset/DAW button when in DAW mode (button lit).

User-added image3. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen (#8), scroll to “Ableton” and then press the Encoder to select it.

4. Press and hold the Shift button, and press the Global button.

5. Using the Encoder directly below the OLED screen, scroll to PC, and the press the Encoder to enter into selecting your OS.

6. Use the Encoder select Mac if you are using a macOS or Win if you are using a Windows OS.

Note: This setting is not available on the Oxygen Pro Mini, so this step can be ignored.

Your transport controls, faders, knobs, and DAW shortcuts will now have messages mapped for Ableton.

To provide the most versatile controller, the Oxygen Pro series has 2 modes, Preset and DAW mode. When in DAW mode all of the controls will be used for controlling DAW functions and controls. When in Preset mode all of the controls will be used for controlling Virtual Instrument parameters and controls.

7. Launch Ableton Live Lite.

8. Open the Ableton Live Lite Preferences window. If you are using a Mac, go to Live > Preferences. If you are using a PC, go to Options > Preferences.

9. Select the Link / MIDI tab on the left. Under the MIDI Ports section, adjust the settings as follows:

  • Under Control Surfaces, for Input and Output select Oxygen Pro 49 Mackie/HUI (Port 3).
  • Next to Input: Oxygen Pro ##, select On in the Track column (if using the Oxygen Pro ## as the
    external clock source, turn on Sync).
  • Next to Input: Oxygen Pro ## (Port 3), select On in the Track and Remote columns.
  • Next to Output: Oxygen Pro ##, select On in the Track column (if using the Ableton Live as
    the external clock source, turn on Sync).
  • Next to Output: Oxygen Pro ## (Port 3), select On in the Track and Remote columns.

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10. Close the Preferences window.

11. To add an instrument or plugin to trigger with Oxygen Pro, select Instruments or Plug-ins in the Categories column.

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12. In the Name column to the right of the Categories column, locate the Instrument or Plug-in of your choice. Click-and-drag the instrument to a MIDI track in Ableton Live Lite to load the instrument. The Instrument can now be triggered with the Oxygen Pro.

User-added imageNote: Be sure to enable Arm Record in order to hear your MIDI instrument.


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Automatic Ableton Mapping

As of firmware update 2.1.1, the Oxygen Pro Series will now be automatically detected when connected with Ableton. The information below outlines the default mapping of the Oxygen Pro Series in Ableton, and how to make the most of your keyboard once it's been plugged in!

Colored Border

When the Oxygen Pro is used with Live, a colored border that surrounds the Tracks and Scenes, that the Oxygen Pro controls, will be displayed in Live. The position of this colored border determines which Tracks and Scenes will be controlled by the various controls on the Oxygen Pro.

The colored border can be moved horizontally (to select the group of Tracks to control) via the BANK buttons and vertically (to select the group of Scenes to control) via the ENCODER.

Faders (49-key, 61-key, MINI)

The first 8 (or 4 in the case of the mini) FADERS control the Volume of the Tracks within the colored border. On the 49-key, and 61-key the 9th FADER controls the Volume of the Main Track.

Fader (25-key)

The FADER controls the Volume of the Main Track.

Fader Buttons (49-key, 61-key and MINI)

The first 8 (or 4 in the case of the MINI) buttons directly underneath the FADERS (referred to as the FADER BUTTONS) control various properties of the Tracks within the colored border. The various properties can be toggled between via the button labeled MODE. On the 49-key, and 61-key the LEDs to the right of the MODE button indicate which property will be controlled.

RECThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Arming.
SOLOThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Soloing.
MUTEThe FADER BUTTONS will control Track Activation.
SELECTThe FADER BUTTONS will select Tracks.
OFFThe FADER BUTTONS will be used to control ARP, ARP LATCH, CHORD and SCALE modes of the Oxygen Pro.


Center Panel Controls

SHIFTModifies the function of other controls.
BACKTriggers Live's Undo function.
ENCODERTurning the ENCODER will move the colored border vertically.
Pressing down the ENCODER quickly will launch the selected Scene.
Pressing down and turning the ENCODER will select Scenes.
BANK < and >Move the colored border horizontally.
Rewind and fast forwards playback.
When SHIFT is pressed and held with these buttons they will scroll the SCENE selection up and down
LOOPToggles Arrangement Loop.
STOPStops playback.
PLAYToggles playback.
RECORDToggles Session Record when in Session View
and Arrangement Record when in Arrangement View.
TEMPOWhen the SHIFT button is held down, this will toggle the Metronome.
PAD BANK (MINI Only)Launches the 1st Scene within the colored border.


The KNOBS control various parameters of the Tracks within the colored border as well as the parameters of the selected Device. The parameter to control can be selected by holding down the SHIFT button and using the PADS labeled DAW KNOB CONTROL.


VOLUME (25-key only)The KNOBS will control Track Volume.
PANThe KNOBS will control Track Panning.
DEVICEThe KNOBS will control parameters of the selected Device. Subsequent pressed of the
DEVICE PAD will toggle between the first and last 4 parameters of a Device.
SENDSThe KNOBS will control Track Send levels. By default, Send A will be controlled.
Subsequent presses of the SENDS PAD will toggle between Send A and Send B.


The PADS launch the Clips within the colored border. When the SHIFT button is held down, the PADS labeled DAW KNOB CONTROL are used to select the parameter the KNOBS should control.

Scene Launch Buttons (25-key, 49 key, and 61 key)

The two buttons to the right of the PADS launch the Scenes within the colored border

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