M-Audio SP-2 operates as a universal sustain pedal, compatible with virtually any MIDI Controller, Keyboard or Digital Piano that features a dedicated ¼’ TS Jack ‘Sustain’ input.


Although SP-2 utilises a ¼” connection, it is not suitable for connectivity to audio outputs – The pedal is compatible only with a sustain input. 



My pedal is working in reverse, what can I do?

It’s likely SP-2 is configured with the wrong polarity resulting in reversed behaviour - Flip the pedal over and you will find a switch on the base. Adjust this switch to change the polarity for expected operation. 


My pedal isn’t working, what can I do?

Ensure SP-2 is connected to a ‘Sustain’ input specifically – Some Keyboards or Digital Piano’s may only support a TRS connection type, check the documents of your device to help confirm compatibility.