Axiom (MKII) Series DirectLink

DirectLink for the Axiom (MKII) Series is an exclusive technology found in M-Audio keyboards. Simply put, DirectLink automatically maps the keyboard’s various faders, knobs, and transport buttons to software controls in DirectLink-compatible DAWs, providing intuitive, hands-on control over your sessions and Virtual Instruments.

With the Axiom (MKII) series, DirectLink gives you the same basic mixer control, plus hands-on control over Virtual Instruments. This lets you tweak your mix and your VI sounds directly from the keyboard without any tricky set up or manual configuration. With the Axiom’s Instrument Mode, the encoder knobs, faders, and fader buttons (49- and 61-key models) instantly map to common virtual instrument parameters such as filter cutoff, resonance, envelope settings, and more. This makes the experience of working with an Axiom keyboard feel more like working with a dedicated hardware synth.

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Axiom (MKII) series DirectLink also provides feedback to the Axiom’s LCD showing track name and active parameter for the selected track. The fader buttons (49- and 61-key models) provide LED feedback so you can visually identify the state of the assigned function (Track Select/Mute/Solo/Rec Enable) for the currently selected group of tracks. Additional controls allow you to mute and solo the currently selected track, and scroll through virtual instrument patches on supported plug-ins.

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The Axiom features dedicated group buttons that allow you to disengage DirectLink for individual controller groups (faders, fader buttons, encoder knobs, and pads), enabling you to use the MIDI learn functionality of your DAW or 3rd party plug-ins alongside DirectLink-mapped controls. This combination provides endless possibilities giving you the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

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Axiom (MKII) DirectLink Supported DAWs

* Logic Pro 9.1 is only supported when launched in 32-bit mode; 64-bit mode is not currently supported. Logic Express is not supported.
* * Only the full version of Cubase is supported; other versions such as Cubase Studio, Essential, LE, and Nuendo do not go through the qualification process.

DirectLink Configuration Guides

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